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5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #167199 by huskybloke
Replied by huskybloke on topic iPhone Apps
totally understand all your points on this , but for someone like myself i dont want o carry every gadget thats on the market i carry my phone with me and at the end of the day i can refer the phone to a map of where i have been , so is there an app ?

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5 years 3 weeks ago #167200 by pete the wulf
Replied by pete the wulf on topic iPhone Apps
I have tried some on my phone and mud maps was probably the better one I tried, I bought a heap of maps ( at a hefty price ) and they are good maps.
In a car I would say it would be fine as you have some time to stuff about at a corner but on a bike at speed it was shit.
You will need power on your bike for your phone cause it will suck the power in no time at all.
Basically nothing will beat the garmin or a dedicated gps, but if you just want to whip out your phone and check
Where you are the I reckon everytrail is a good app for that sort of thing.

Garmin is good :laugh:


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5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #167202 by busy223
Replied by busy223 on topic iPhone Apps
Appreciate everyones input and after talking with TB I see where he's coming from. Thing is I have four GPS's at the moment, and the idea of buying a 5th was not spinning my wheels. Turns out the eTrex I've had since 97 will get me through until I decide if starring at a screen while riding is for me.
The phone was something I thought may have worked, for the reasons put forward obviously not.
cheers fellas and thanks for the call TB.

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4 years 5 months ago #169933 by Shane 660
Replied by Shane 660 on topic iPhone Apps
I have been using an iPhone app for about 3 years and led 70 adventure rides as navigator and lead rider and I am more than impressed by the system.

We have had a few guys in our club go away from a Garmin GPS to go to the app type navigation system.
All our club rides are both planned and navigated from an iPhone mounted on the handlebars of the Tenere 660.

It appears to me that a Garmin is great if you wish to follow a purple line, but if you really want clear, uncluttered trail / track lines then Mud Map is the go.

This system has seen us right on many occasions that the GPS does not even list the tracks.

I have the following setup:-
* Iphone 4S
* Lifeproof case and handlebar mount
* Twin USB charger routed through the ignition

It gives me clear directions, without all the clutter of Topo maps ( which you can switch to determine altitude changes etc ) and has never failed me yet.

I believe it was John Hudson ( APC Rally fame ) that stated in a magazine article, that 'smart phone apps are the future ' for adventure bike navigation, I tend to agree with him on this.

The iPhone GPS typically gives you location to within 65 mtrs, if you wish to bring this down to 3 mtrs ( about all you can get anyway from a public non-military system ) you can buy a Garmin GLO.
This device is about the size of a box of matches, and has the 'guts' of a Garmin GPS without the screen, buttons etc.

Cost about $110 and this bluetooths with your iPhone as long as its within 3 mtrs of the iPhone ( in Camelbac ), so if you already have the phone, the app / mount/case etc will set you back far less than a GPS.

I rarely use the Garmin GLO as 65 mtrs is close enough for adventure riding, but if you do want the 3 mtrs range, its available.

We have a discussions page for our club, where we list ' Things that Work ', for my money this tops the list, it has performed flawlessly for over 3 years and continues to do so.

There are options guys, the amount of people I have seen with Garmins that have little or no idea how to work the thing is incredible.
As for the amount of people that are saying they have multiple GPS's, why?, they should do everything you want, without having to have several of them.

Check it out.

Shane 660
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3 years 11 months ago #171472 by bender
Replied by bender on topic iPhone Apps
Apps i been using, CheckmyTour (free), which links into a website which is supposed to have live tracking and will geocache ur photos to the trip, or I have just loaded MotionX which cost a couple of dollars, havent used both at once yet..........

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