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Kram wrote:

snowy09 wrote:

Kram wrote: It looks the part but its only a Honda CBR 125.

I'm racing it in a short course series run by the North Coast Road Racing club. Google the club and cheack it out.

It's a little cracker. Its got a pipe, front end mods, pegs raised, geared for the track, carbon fibre racing stripe on the back cowl to make it faster :woohoo: It's set up to race in the stock class.

The short course series is a bit like the old bucket racing and the tracks are at Grafton, Lismore, Tamworth, Stanthorpe and Coffs Harbour.

My body doesn't like to land jumps and hit woops anymore, takes me a couple of weeks to recover so I thought I'd have a bit of cheap fun on the Tar.

My young bloke can even ride it in the junior class as well, but he's not getting his hands on it just yet. Not till I've had a bit of practice so I can beat his lap times. :laugh:

First ride for me will be at the Grafton Hill Climb track on Sunday. Can't stop grinning.

Kram B)

Ok so if you haven't killed yourself by the time the tamvegas round is on then its a piss up and we will come put shit on you ( sorry meant support you).

:woohoo: It's on. As long as I don't require your professional services and someone brings a goat :whistle:

Well......when in Rome :pinch: :laugh: :sick:

Kram B)

We'll done Kram. I actually was a flag Marshall for the Tamworth round last weekend. Their in grafton this weekend. By the way I have no issue in waving the blue flag if I recon your not having a go.

KTM 350

If it hurts, your still alive

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4 years 1 month ago #171056 by xy-transit
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They say you can't recapture your youth, but I reckon if we ride fast enough we'll get close! :silly:

I only just realised that to some onlookers, I must resemble a ryno that has grabbed a warthog by the tusks, spurring it through the bush, laughing 'faster piggy, Faster!'

:silly: :woohoo: :p

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4 years 1 month ago #171057 by BOLLOCKS
Replied by BOLLOCKS on topic Kram's New Toy
Nice one Kram B)
I don't know what it is but it looks like it would go as fast as a "rat up an aqueduct" :P
Bol :woohoo:

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current ride Husky FE 501 ..Spat me first ride!!!!!!

RELEASE BRIAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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