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6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #139571 by apc rally
KTM 990 stuff was created by apc rally
Just thought I might try and explain how i have the 990 set up to do the Apc rally recon work.
I will also try and give some insight into stuff we have broken.

When i first get the bike. I do the following:
1.Put heavier front springs in .60

2. Wiring
a.Put H.I D lighting systems in. They cost about $270 and you can use car sytems now.The ballast we mount just behind the lights. I put a switch on the light so they will only turn on when I maually put them on. The reason is that they will run the battery down very quickly if you forget to turn them off when you use the kill switch to stop the bike and not the key.
b.When doing the wiring I will also hard wire a GPS power cord to the accessories. This needs to be live all the time so my GPS stays on when the bike is stopped.
c. We put the grip heaters on and put another seperate switch on the dash . These need to be wired so they will turn off as soon as the bike as stopped. Rememeber to put tie wire on the grips when they go back on.

3.Replace front guard with high guard. Good trick is to use a dremmel on the existing guard so you keep the fork protectors that it comes with.
4.Put Ktm rear pannier system on. This allos for me to mount my panniers or bags. This rack offers great protection to the exhaust system to avoiid crash damage.
5.Put good strong bark busters on
6.Put after market exhaust on the bike and then let it idle for 10 minutes to allow the EFI unit to adjust to the new exhaust system. The standard pipes weight 10 kg heavier then the akros.
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6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #139575 by apc rally
Replied by apc rally on topic KTM 990 stuff
7. Bridgestone ultra heavy duty tubes and I use the following tyres for different trips.
Dunlop 606 front and rear for 2-4 day trips
Mefo super explorer for 10 day trips on the rear. 28psi in front and rear tyres. As sonn as I put nobby tyres on I balance both wheels.
When putting the front wheel back in I make sure the disc are centred in the brake calipers. This can be done by just doing up the big hub nut to just past finger tight then slightly toghten one on of the top nuts and then push the front end up and down wit the front brake on.
There is little margin for error and if one disc is slightly touching the caliper housing you will get a shudder in the fron tend when you come off acceration above 80 km. This problem has produced more sales for steering dampners than i would like to think off.
P.s The front rim will get dints in it no matter what you do. Sm pro on the front is the best i have found so far. Part of the reason i run 28psi is to limit rim damage. The 990 is a special animal that can hit shit hard but this is where you will get the carnage.
Another p.s : swann insurance offers rim insurance and no 990 owner who goes bush should not have it.
8. Weld large washer onto side stand so it can work on sand or in the mud.
9. The suspension should be set to sport setting. If you are getting the bottom end bottoming out we have found that dave at suspension matters has got some magic valving to help wiith this issue.
I have never had valing work done on the front forks because I reckon stock is so bloody good.
On all my bikes I will adjust the front pre load . Usually i will turn it in just one revolution both sides and then test.
Here are some things I look for with 990 suspension.
I find the best testing ground for suspension is a gravel road with off camber corners. What i am looking for is the softest settings I can run without the bike bottoming out too often and it wallowing when I am applying power or diving too much when braking hard.

Usually if the rear is kicking out when applying throttle the rear compression is on too much. If the bike wont stay in a corner and turn into the corner the rear is usually too hard. Solution. Step1 just unwind the big rear knob under the seat. If you cant solve it there just un load the spring a revolution. If you cant get it right with that you usually need a new spring and set your static sag again.

If the front is not turning into the corner the front pre load needs to be backed off. I will then go for my compression settings. I find that the 990 standard set up is really good on the front forks you just need to play with the preload which you need a spanner to adjust.
When I put new springs in a bike I always replace the fork oil with high end racing fork oil. You have to pay for the stuff that doenst heat up and then fade.
I get my rear shock serviced after every 10,000 km,I also make sure my rear brake pedal is perfectly level with the footpeg. To get a 990 to brake in an even manner and have the bike compress in a nice smooth manner is really the key to riding one quickly through corners.
When a bike is set up right all i have to calculate is how much weight I have to put on the outside peg to stay in the corner and be keeping on the throttle in an even manner so i dont load my suspension with braking and then have the bike lose shape and then have a wheel break traction.
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6 years 2 months ago #139579 by micknmeld
Replied by micknmeld on topic KTM 990 stuff
Good read there Homer, its not only 990 riders that can take that as good advise. The way I saw you ride your 990 convinces me all that is written above is gospel. ;)

"The power of accurate observation, is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."

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6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #139582 by apc rally
Replied by apc rally on topic KTM 990 stuff
990 set up continues
On my bike I have the following
1. auto comm $400 with connections to my zumo 550 and my uhf.
What is cool about the auto comm is that i can answer phone calls by pushing buttons on my gps screen.
The iphone just bluetooths to the zumo gps. This is the weakness that the new garmin montana has and that is it has no bluetooth. i can listen to music that the zumo has stored as well.
2. I use just a gme 6100 radio which is just a 5 watt handheld unit. I like the hand held because I can switch it from bike to bike easily. We have also found that radios that are hard wired into bikes get interference from the bikes other electrics.
At the end of the day I just have to remember to charge my radio and my phone.
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6 years 2 months ago #139583 by Kram
Replied by Kram on topic KTM 990 stuff
Interesting read.

It's certainly a beast of a bike and in your hand will go anywhere. But not for the faint hearted. The level of commitment needed is what scares me. I'm not sure I'd like to be aboard when it goes pear shaped and I'm sure if I was piloting it would go wrong :whistle:

It was tops to see it in action though.

Kram B)

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.

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