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Freeride 350

6 years 11 months ago #134701 by 1inarow
Replied by 1inarow on topic Freeride 350
Hey them Hilux tyres rock mate thanks again


Yeah, top tyres those. Glad to have the feed back!

Shelby jet,

laughed hard, I do that ride along looking at the rocky bits too!! Wife just watched location, location on Lifestyle, they showed a 5 acre place covered in granite boulders..... I said YEAH, great place...wife ....NO COMMENT! ha, ha.

+1 on the very cautious trials riding but a ball climbing hills and riding up creekbeds, log hopping and bouldering!!

Like you already know, 97kg is NOT light!! 75kg IS light! Could suit the older more cautious of us!!

To be cont.....

shelbyjet wrote: Will be really keen to hear your report. As an adventure rider and someone who loves to get out on my Montesa 4RT (brilliant bike by the way...), I can see the niche market here.

When I am riding my adventure bike, I am always looking in the bush thinking I wish I could have a crack at that creek bed on my monty... I can do a good three hours or so at a time on the monty, but standing up does result in some aches in the hands and back.

Being registrable is also a big consideration for those of us that love the tight and technical stuff, not so much the fast. I for one would love to be able to ride from home to Menai, ride around without fear or favour and ride home.

I don't want to give up riding trials, but I am past competing and the Freeride may be the bike that lets me get my thrills... After breaking many bone - non as a result of a motorcycle related event - I am fully aware of my mortality so top end through single tracks is not for me. Horses for courses though.

1inarow wrote: Hey, going to the KTM ride day on sunday to ride the freeride (+ others).

Now, considering I have the latest Gas Gas Raga replica (plonker with too much money) and a WR450F inj I ask "what's this bike for?" so ..... chance to ride their bike for nearly free!!

I will report in on Sunday night with my "average experience at riding both styles" Freeride ride report!!


How hard could it be???

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6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #134807 by 1inarow
Replied by 1inarow on topic Freeride 350

Just got home from Dirt Days! Had a great day & tried a few bikes!

3 of us rode the Freeride;

G, 52yo 97kg, 5'10".
How much fun was that!!!! Small bike, shorter shocks & very nimble! I took off straight into the single track and, oh boy, this thing handles really well. Easy to flick around and ample power for what it is! Interesting that it uses the Dunlop trials tyres that are renowned for being more trail type than the Michelin Xlite tyres that all the serious comp trials guys use. You would be suprised to ride these as they work really well everywhere... except in mud (not very self cleaning!)

Stopped half way around & turned right up the hill into the rocks and stuff. Splattered a few small boulders and it did it ok, a bit heavy though and a bit high geared. Now, not as nimble as the full on trials bike but pretty bloody good. Not as low geared as the trials bike either so 90kmh may well be it.
Did find that the low peg height had me moving my inside foot on off camber single as my boot was clipping lumps and stuff! You could be quicker on this than a full size bike through the single track and you would explore a lot of steep crap with it as well as improving your bike handling skills! Plus, with rego you could ride to the play area without a care in the world!

D, 17yo, 92kg, 6'4"

Looked like a half open pocket knife on the little bike. "I think it was the best fun that i rode today! front came up easy and it was nimble through the single track. A bit low in the bars and seat height but I get that on most until we raise the bars."

GV, 47yo, 75kg, 5'8"

"Rather ride this than a postie across Australia again (2012 Coast to coast postie challenge winner!) its a ball of fun. Great power delivery for the style and really nimble. I think I could push this quicker through tight single track than my 450! Havn't ridden a trials bike yet but I would like to try one. Looks and feels like a modern version of the XR200, better engine, brakes , suspension..... everything really!!! How much fun is it though?"

Bottom line is, we all said we loved it..... but no one wanted to buy it! Sure, we would all have one in a heart beat but not at the cost of the 450's or trials for D & I or the postie for GV!!!

D will upload his go-pro clip when he uploads it!

How hard could it be???
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