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KTM Stop / Start Switch

7 years 5 months ago #116352 by adam
Replied by adam on topic KTM Stop / Start Switch

snowy09 wrote: I thought one of the reasons for getting rid of the drz was cause of shitty electricals. But I notice you seem to have taken the disease with you. Thanks again for the advice on the suspension settings I have played with all the adjusters and am very happy with the bikes handling. I just need to adjust the rider and it will be sweet.

The DRZ electrics never let me down as I did all the recommended 'fixes' when I got it. The kato's electrics haven't let me down either (near new it shouldn't either), Sam seems to attract the electrical problems as it was his kato with the problem and his CRF250X let us down in the bush once too. :pinch: :whistle:

I'm learning all the kato 'fixes' as I go :whistle:

I was hoping Murph was going to be the guinea pig and do all the fault finding for the new injected kato's not me :( :P :laugh:

As for your suspension its worth the time and effort, every bike has its subtlies, and so does every rider :laugh:


You only live once !!

And I came up with that way before the Facebook generation did !!!!

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7 years 5 months ago #116364 by Murph the surf
Thanks Adam
I'm mechanical by trade so I'll leave you with the electrical fault diagnosing, mate. :laugh:
By the way my bike has over 1200kms on her now and has not had any more hissy fits.
Still keen to get the newer injector filter in her though.

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7 years 5 months ago #116366 by Lefty
Replied by Lefty on topic KTM Stop / Start Switch

adam wrote:

Lefty wrote: Yes gents,
I had a problem with both my switches on the Coffs ride. I was able to clean and repair the momentary contact switch on the left and it now works fine. However the main RHS switch still reads around the 170ohm mark even when completely stripped and cleaned. :huh: I think she might be farked. :blink:

I had to give between the contacts a good rub / scratch with a small screwdriver to break the track that had been created :huh: before the low resistance was broken, I had the meter connected to the plug wires whilst I cleaned so I could see when it was good ;)


Thanks Adam ;) I will give that a go

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